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Race and Class: a journal for black and third world liberation, (Institute of Race Relations, 1996) Vol 38, No 2, by Phil Vasili (Walter Tull’s principle biographer)

Synopsis of Walter Tull’s life

Page 51, ‘Walter Daniel Tull, 1888 – 1918 : soldier, footballer and Black,



Research in African Literatures: the African Diaspora and its’ origins (Indiana University Press, 1998) Vol 29, No 4, by Polly Rewt

Page 3, photo and family background of Walter Tull



From Claret to Khaki (Woodford Books 2003), by Rod Wickens

First published biography of Walter Tull


Not Forgotten (Hodder and Stoughton 2005), by Neil Oliver

Book accompanying Channel 4 series on World War 1

Pages 232 – 234, illustrations pages 24 and 25



The Story of Walter Tull: professional black footballer and first black officer in the British Army (Northampton Black History Association 2007)

An illustrated booklet for young people, telling the story of Walter Tull’s life.



Shots from the Front: the British Soldier 1914 – 1918 (Harper Press 2008), by Richard Holmes

Pages 68 and 69 with photos



When the Whistle Blows (Haynes Publishing, 2008), by Andrew Riddoch and John Kemp

The story of the 17th Middlesex Regiment, the Footballers’ Battalion, in First World War

Pages 73/4, 92, 94, (photo 102), 118 and 335



Walter Tull, 1888 – 1918 Officer, Footballer: ‘All the guns in France couldn’t wake me’ (Raw Press 2010), by Phil Vasili

A comprehensive biographer of Walter Tull



Walter Tull: Footballer, Soldier, Hero (Harper Collins 2011), by Dan Lyndon and Roger Wade Walker

An illustrated biography of Walter Tull, as part of Collins Big Cat primary school reading scheme


Immigration Nation (Oxford University Press, 2011), by Aaron Wilkes

School history text book

Pages 7 and 27


Aye Ready, Rangers War Heroes (Black and White Publishing, 2011), by Paul Smith

Chapter One, ‘An Officer and a gentleman’



Walter Tull Scrapbook (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2012), by Michaela Morgan

A young person’s heavily illustrated telling of Walter Tull’s story



Stolen Lives: individual tragedies of the Great War (Dean House Publishing, 2014), by Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

Pages 200 – 203


Social Justice ? Some like it Not (Witley Press, 2014), by H J Court

A practical guide to diversity, equality and inclusion in the 21st century



World War One Football Heroes 1914 – 1918 (Professional Footballers’ Association in association with Football Manager, 2014)

Booklet, page 13






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